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"Our hearts sync when we sing together" ~Faye Ma

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What is a song circle?

A Song Circle is where easy-to-memorize songs are taught in oral tradition, call and repeat format, which we then sing together as a group. Some songs will be simple, others will have harmonies, multiple parts, and activities that go along with them. Songs are on topics such as self-reflection, community connection, empowerment, reverence to life, nature, and sometimes some silly songs as well!


One of the best parts about this is that one doesn’t have to be experienced or identify as a singer at all! It is so empowering to sing beyond what society deems a “good singer” and step into our birthright to use our voices together in the prayer of life.


This is a safe space to practice opening your voice in a non-judgmental, supportive and loving group container, while singing songs that remind us of our deepest truths. 

Faye's background as a Songleader

Faye, also known as Faye Ma as a songleader, is passionate in helping people open their voices, bring communities closer through singing together, support folks to step into their unique expressions, gain self-empowerment and healing through song. She writes and carries songs based in positive affirmations, and specializes in songs of remembrance, self-love & acceptance, integration and community connection.

Faye has been leading song circles since 2016 and has facilitated circles at song gatherings such as Singing Alive Cascadia, Singing Alive Kauai, Earth Song Rising, Singing in Love, HeartSong, and Love Song as well as at many transformational festivals and events. She also leads monthly song circles at Cocoon Studio in Philadelphia and is currently working on starting her 6 week series. She is a graduate of Heather Houston's Sisters in Harmony Songleader program as well as Ubuntu's Community Choir Leadership Program. 

Faye is lead visionary and co-creator/organizer of Singing In Love, a magical 4 day song-gathering/retreat that takes place in Pennsylvania. 

Singing In Love 

To learn more about Singing In Love please visit this link: 


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