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Faye Adinda’s music reflects a journey of self love, acceptance, and the honoring of both the light and the darkness within us in order heal, grow and find deeper connection and compassion for ourselves and all beings. Her songs are filled with positive affirmations and prayers, and weaved into a unique R&B, soul, folk & mystical fusion. With her catchy sing-a-long lyrics, upbeat rhythms, and melodic vocals her songs encapsulate audiences with feelings of love, healing and empowerment. 


Born and raised in The Netherlands, from a very young age Faye always loved to sing and create songs. When Faye was 8 years old, she and her immediate family moved to the United States of America.


Faye’s inspiration to create medicine music stems from her own path of self healing. Through her teenage years and young adulthood, she experienced depression, anxiety, and Chronic Lyme’s Disease. After many years of treatment, and therapy, Faye started her journey to heal herself. She gained interest in and studied different types of meditation, philosophies, therapies, and yoga. She decided to pursue a Bachelors degree in Psychology. 


In 2011, after graduating, Faye moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to learn about sustainability, permaculture and community living. While focused on inner healing, connecting with nature, and Hawaiian philosophy, she discovered how she could use music as medicine. She started to create mantras and songs to uplift and remind her of divine connection, of her deeper truths, and her new discovery of her infinite love. As her songs started to come through, with support of her community she began to share her gifts with everyone. 


As well as performing at music festivals and shows, Faye leads song circles and sound ceremonies at retreat centers and song gatherings. She also loves to play around the fireside, and can be found performing at many local venues, farmers markets and Ecstatic Dances. 


She is currently recording her first studio album so her music can be more widely available for everyone. If you would like to support her studio time & production, you can donate at the link below, gift to her paypal @, or pre-order the album.

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